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Mayekawa is a leading manufacturer of industrial refrigeration compressors and a prominent thermal e...


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We are Mayekawa Philippines.
Mayekawa is a leading manufacturer of industrial refrigeration compressors and a prominent thermal engineering company. Our technology began with cooling applications, and we have since developed a variety of components, including compressors, heat engineering devices, and unmanned systems. In addition, we support the automation of meat processing lines with our unique deboning robots.

Mayekawa established its business in the Philippines as "MYCOM PHILIPPINES CORPORATION" on July 11, 1991, and has maintained a favorable market presence ever since. The company continues to serve its customers with the highest quality products and services. At the beginning of 2008, the company changed its corporate name to "MAYEKAWA PHILIPPINES CORPORATION."

Based on extensive technical knowledge and experience, Mayekawa provides new value to our customers by combining innovative technology that transcends existing fields, focusing on both the present and future. We work closely with our clients to uncover the real challenges they face, building a deep understanding of their business and environment, and developing new products, solutions, and services tailored to their exact needs. As a partner, we strive for a free and open-minded stance, working closely with our customers to solve new challenges together.
Our Company Mission/Vision:
Mayekawa Philippines Corporation will become the acknowledged leader in the industrial refrigeration industry in supplying top most quality of industrial compressor equipments, parts and services in the Philippines.

The company visions to supply its world class equipments to every industry that would require industrial refrigeration and is highly committed in doing business with social responsibility


Cooling technology for delivering "fresh" deliciousness from the sea and land to everywhere in the world

Highly efficient solutions for ensuring safe, high-quality food processing and production

Solutions for designing optimal energy supply systems

MYCOM supports the compression of various gases and cooling and liquefaction for various processes

Realize sports and leisure activities in both hot and cold environments

Create the special temperature environments you need

Cooling technology that supports daily life

Become a partner that maximizes your business

The know-how cultivated in domestic and overseas delivery results is organized in Japan, and we collaborate with local corporations and various partner companies around the world, mainly in Japan, to propose production equipment that suits your purpose.

Working to ensure food is delicious

Mayekawa's main Moriya Plant has a food testing laboratory, CO_Lab., which annually tests more than 160 different foods. Supporting various kinds of testing, such as that related to freezing, thawing, line operation, and detection, the versatile lab plays a role in helping clients manufacture even better products.

Applying total engineering to solve client problems

In addition to engineering for each process, by also combining thermal engineering centered around advanced equipment and software engineering, including that for production management systems and traceability, Mayekawa can offer optimal solutions for your production line needs.

From basic design through to ongoing maintenance, we provide full support for your equipment installation plans

Our head office department specializing in food organizes information related to customer issues and requests. Even after planning has started, we back local sites with know-how and experience gained in delivering equipment all over the world. From basic design through to ongoing maintenance, we can offer manufacturing equipment and services tailored to client needs in collaboration with local subsidiaries and our partner companies around the world.
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Contact Mayekawa

Luzon (Manila)

Unit 604, West Wing
Estancia Offices Meralco Ave.
Capitol Commons
Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila
Tel: +63 2-8706-0473
Fax: +63 2-8706-0475

Visayas (Cebu)

Unit D, A & J Building 6014
A. C. Cortes Ave
Alang-Alang Mandaue City, Cebu
Tel: +63 32-436-4885
Fax: +63 32-436-4885

Mindanao (General Santos)

2F EJ Yomon Building
Irineo Santiago Boulevard Brgy
General Santos City
9500 South Cotabato
Tel: +63 2870-60473
Fax: +63 2870-60473

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